22nd October 2014


To whom it may concern, I’m not prone to writing references, but when I do so, it is with the surety that the feedback is heartfelt and based upon the benefit of personal experience. In this particular instance I can write with confidence that Maurice King has made a singular contribution to our wedding business and one, which has made a genuine difference to our operation.


Maurice is the Ringmaster at such occasions, resplendent in scarlet tails and brilliant

white shirt with dickie bow, only out shone by a smile that speaks of several large denomination notes invested in its upkeep. His personality is immediately a winning one. His ability to coax and cajole nervous brides and formidable mothers is only outdone by his sense of diplomacy when guiding best men or fathers who are in danger of turning speeches into minefields of faux pas or quagmires of boredom. His sense of propriety rivals that of any formal royal occasion and his timing is that of a precision built Swiss watch.


Weddings have the potential to be great days for all involved. They are like films or plays that one can look back on with fond memory and as such they require direction. It is not enough just to arrange them they need a director. Maurice is a veritable Bernardo Bertolucci with the ability to bring his focus to bear on the key individuals (the bride and groom) but at the same time brining a touch of Cecil B. DeMille, delivering a touch (not too much) of showmanship and flamboyance that raises any wedding above an ordinary occasion.


I would have no hesitation therefore in recommending the services of Maurice should you desire an occasion rather than just an event. He’s also a very decent chap.


* Written by James A Hepburn, General Manager Carnbooth House Hotel, Carmunnock


Maurice King